Friday, August 15, 2008

The #1 plate at XTERRA Mountain Championships

Craig Evans and I started working together this year, and it's been a great season so far...

"Craig Evans will be racing with the No. 1 on his bike plate for the first time in his career and carries the burden that comes with it proudly. After battling through injuries last year, Evans is having a breakthrough season and is second overall in the points standings (points leader Dan Hugo from South Africa will not be racing in this one)."

Best of luck tomorrow Craig!

Coach Vance

PS - Notice the power meter on his mountain bike! KEY TO SUCCESS!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Off-Road Nutrition

There’s a saying about racing off-road, and how complex it is. To be a good off-road triathlete, you must master the art of off-road racing. And when it comes to the complexities of nutrition logistics, there is definitely an art that must be mastered.

Off-road nutrition is much more of a logistical mystery than a simple road triathlon, where you can use a bento box, carry a bar of some type or use gel packets. Off-road, you can’t take your hands off the bars to reach for a package, tear it open, and eat it anytime. Try doing that on a volcano in Maui, or on the twisty, winding roots of a single track trail and you’ll soon be licking fresh wounds.

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Coach Vance