Monday, March 28, 2011

TBC Athlete Runs Top 1600m Time in California!

This is a photo from this past Saturday's Mt Carmel Invitational. Here is Shyan Vaziri, and his teammate Brad Littooy behind him, in the fast heat of the boys' 1600 meter run, (aka mile). Shyan went on to win this race in 4:14.86, the fastest time in California, 5th fastest in the nation, and a time which will win most state meets in the US. Shyan is a senior headed to UC Santa Barbara, and with 2+ months to go in the season, could be a force on the national scene!

Brad is a junior, who finished 3rd in this race, in a PR of 4:18.57, good enough to put him in the top 30 in the US. He's far peaked as well, and I believe when he turns a focus to the 3200, he'll be a national force there as well. Plus, he has another year, which is very exciting!

I have had the pleasure of working with these two from September thru February, and it was a very proud coaching weekend to see them do so well, after just handing them over to their new high school coach a few weeks ago. I also had another athlete finish in a PR of 4:26, who is also just a junior, and a member of my TriJuniors program.

If you know a high school athlete seeking help, I love being a part of seeing young kids progress.

Coach Vance

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It doesn't get much better than this...

The power of data is amazing, especially when it can help athletes to build confidence in their preparation. Here are some recent charts I'm seeing in my athletes who are training, that I'm pretty excited about. If you can look at these and understand why I'm excited, then you should be striving to make your progression look the same. If you don't understand what any of it means, you should read more of my articles, and watch some of my webinars. The value of data and what it can tell a coach and athlete is priceless.

Note: These are a few different athletes.

If you're looking to get your data files analyzed, to be understand where you're at with you're training and race preparation, I'm happy to help. These athletes are coming a long very nicely, and I'm excited to see them race!

Coach Vance

Friday, March 18, 2011

Costa Rica Triathlon Camp Review

If you missed my camp in Costa Rica, it was a great one! Probably the most unique and fun camp I've ever done. All the athletes and coaches stayed together in a very large villa, up on a mountain, with chef and maid service, so all we had to do was train, eat, sleep, and relax to enjoy the views!

Monday thru Wednesday were tough and longer training days. Thursday was a shorter session in the AM, before giving the athletes the rest of the day off. Friday was spent traveling to the race venue for the Rev3 Costa Rica event. The athletes raced an Olympic Triathlon on Saturday, and then did a Half on Sunday. We even had the overall winners of both races, male and female, both days, from our camp!

If Rev3 returns to Costa Rica, I will likely do this camp again in 2012. Stay tuned!

Here's a series of photos from the camp, but if you want to see more, friend me on Facebook.