Monday, June 22, 2009

TriJuniors FREE Open Water Swim Clinic for Parents and Teens

Please help me spread the word about this great event, for youth development in triathlon! TriJuniors is hosting a FREE open water clinic to any high school aged kids and their parents! The event is on Sunday afternoon, after the San Diego International Triathlon, at Ventura Cove.

If you know a parent of a high schooler who might be interested in TriJuniors, or who want to share the fun of triathlon with their kids, please share the linked flyer and/or following information:

Who: Parents and their teens, interested in triathlon and TriJuniors,

What: A FREE open-water swim clinic for parents and their high school aged kids, as well as Q&A with Coach Jim Vance about TriJuniors, to answer questions about the team, support, race and practice schedules, etc.

When: Sunday, June 28th, 1-2:30 PM

Where: Ventura Cove, Mission Bay Drive, (http://tinyurl. com/crm5vh) Map provided on flyer.

Flyer is available at this link:

Food and drinks will be provided to all attending. Please RSVP to Jim Vance at

Please help us promote and grow the sport among high school youth with this free and fun event, and pass this information on.


Coach Vance

Friday, June 19, 2009

Practice Schedule for TriJuniors Finalized

I have begun to finalize the TriJuniors practice schedule, and created everything in a Google calendar, which should be up on the website shortly. The website is scheduled to be finished this afternoon.

The practice sessions will be during the evening hours during the weekdays, and in the AM hours on the weekends.

A typical week will look like...

Monday - Off from training
Tuesday - 5:30 - 7:30 PM at University City High School track
Wednesday - Every other Wednesday evening will be an open water swim workout, at Ventura Cove in Mission Bay, 5:30 - 7:15 PM
Thursday - On the alternate weeks from Wednesday practices, there will be a Thursday evening practice session, with details and venue still TBD based upon enrollment of athletes
Friday - Practice on their own
Saturday - AM session at 8 AM to 11 AM, or race, or travel to race venue for light and easy practice, details of practice and venue TBD
Sunday - AM session at 9 AM to noon, or race, details of practice and venue TBD

So one week athletes will have organized workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, while the following week it will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Why the details of practice and venue TBD? (TBD = to be determined)
The reasons for the practice venue and details of the session being TBD, is because we need to find venues which are close to the athletes, but also meet their needs. If the athletes need mostly swim help, then we will do these sessions at a pool, or some sort of venue for swimming. If the athletes all come from one part of town, then I will likely put the venues as close to them as possible.

Athletes will be expected to complete some training sessions on their own, which will be clearly communicated to them via accounts with

If there are other questions you'd like to see answered, please feel free to leave a comment, or send me an email at

Looking forward to the season!

Coach Vance

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preview article for Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2009

I wrote this preview article for this weekend's Ironman Coeur d'Alene, for Triathlete Magazine's website...

Ironman Coeur d’Alene Race Preview

Written by: Jim Vance

Ironman Coeur d’Alene will take place on Sunday, June 21. This year’s race features strong pro fields on both the men’s and women’s sides, with participants battling for the first major title of the season.

Looking at the entry list, it looks like it would be difficult to guess who might be among the favorites, but there is a historical pattern to the plot that plays out similarly in many elite Ironman races.

The first pattern is that half of the favorites for the top-10 will falter, whether its from mechanicals, injuries, poor fitness, or mistakes. The winner of the race will come down to who executes best on race day, maximizing their fitness and training with sound pacing and nutritional decisions.

Read the rest at

Coach Vance

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TriJuniors FAQ's

Starting a junior triathlon program in an area which has never seen one, means there are plenty of questions. I want this team to be a great success, and hopefully these FAQ’s will help make that happen.

TriJuniors FAQ’s

What is TriJuniors?

TriJuniors is committed to promoting and developing the sport of triathlon among high school age youth, in a team atmosphere, from beginner to elite ability levels, in San Diego County.

Athletes in the TriJuniors program will build skills and learn goal setting and pursuing goals. With hard work and fun, young triathletes will build a healthy lifestyle from their experiences in this positive environment for personal growth both in the sport, and in life.

TriJuniors will also support certain athletes displaying a desire and potential ability to compete at the highest level of the sport for their age, with a more focused and determined training regimen and development protocol toward ITU draft-legal triathlon.

What age does my child have to be to participate?

TriJuniors is focused on growing the sport among high school aged youth, so if your child is anywhere from 13-18, this is a team they can participate on. If your child is going to be in the 9th grade, they are welcomed to join, as are high school seniors who have just graduated. In the future, TriJuniors hopes to expand to other age groups, but at this point believe this is where the focus needs to be.

Who is the head coach?

Jim Vance is the head coach of the team. Jim holds an elite triathlon license, and is a level 2 USA Triathlon Certified Coach. Jim is also a two-time amateur world champion in triathlon, for XTERRA and ITU. He has even seen success at the Ironman level, with multiple top 8 finishes, including 3rd at Ironman Florida in 2006, in a time of 8:37:09. Jim is a former school teacher, who holds a BS in physical education, and using his background in teaching to be an effective, high-performance coach to both youth and adults.

My child is just beginning to learn the sport, is this program only for elites?

No, not at all. The mission of this team is to first and foremost grow the sport by exposing it to youth. However, athletes who possess a desire and ability to compete at an elite level for their age, will be given the support and opportunity to do so, as well as encouraged. This is why one of the major races on the team's schedule is the Junior Elite Cup at Strawberry Fields, to expose the kids to draft-legal ITU style racing. It is an extremely fun and exciting style of racing, which will be a unique opportunity for them to experience.

How long is the TriJuniors season? What is their race schedule?

The TriJuniors season will begin with official practices on Sunday, June 21st, at 9 AM, until noon. The season will culminate at the Nautica Malibu events on September 19th & 20th. The race schedule includes the following:

- Strawberry Fields Triathlon, July 19th, 2009 (Junior Elite Cup)
- TCSD Monthly Club Races
TCSD Monthly Aquathlons
Solana Beach Triathlon, July 26th, 2009
- Imperial Beach Triathlon, August 23rd, 2009
- Nautica Malibu Triathlon, September 19th & 20th, 2009

Other races may be added, depending on experience and ability level of kids on the team.

Why is the season so short?

Because TriJuniors is in the initial stages of development as a program, and with it’s focus on high school kids, the summer months are the perfect window of opportunity to start, since kids tend to have less conflicts with other sports and school events. In the future, TriJuniors hopes to become a year-round program.

How often do they practice? What time are the practices held?

There will be a minimum of 2 practice sessions held during the week, but sometimes more. On the weekends, athletes can expect to have practice both Saturday and Sunday, unless there is a race event.

Weekday practice sessions will be held in the afternoons to evenings, while weekend sessions will be held in the AM. A Google calendar will be posted in the coming weeks on the TriJuniors website, with a complete practice and travel schedule, as well as directions to each venue.

Where do they conduct their training sessions?

This is still being determined, based on the location of the majority of athletes who register for the team. Parents and athletes can expect sessions at a variety of different venues, from open water, to pool, to tracks and trails.

What if my child can not attend some of the sessions?

Though attendance will be highly encouraged, it is not mandatory. Athletes will be given a account, which will have all their training listed, and act as their training log and communication tool with Coach Vance. They will be able to upload heart rate information, power data, GPS data from runs, rides, etc. This account will belong to them, and they are free to use for many years.

If they can’t attend a practice session, they will be expected to complete the training on their own, which will be detailed in TrainingPeaks.

How much does it cost to have my child participate?

The season is 3 months long, at $225 per month, or at a discounted rate of one lump payment of $600 for the season. This will cover all the coaching costs, practice sessions offered, Triathlon Club of San Diego membership, as well as some apparel and other items to be determined. Costs for race registration and other items are not included in this cost. However, every attempt will be made to help members of the team receive discounted rates for races, and other needs.

What sorts of equipment does my child need to participate?

Athletes in the program will need a road bike, helmet, wetsuit, and running shoes, at a minimum. Training apparel, such as bike shorts, swim suits, and other items are highly recommended.

Will sponsors be providing anything for my kids?

Right now the only sponsorship is from TrainingBible Coaching, which is devoting a large amount of funds and time to start the program, and help it be a success. It is certainly expected that athletes within the program will benefit greatly from sponsor relationships with TriJuniors. However, with the program still in its beginning stages, no equipment sponsorships have been finalized, due to final athlete numbers still being determined. Once the numbers are determined, effective sponsorship agreements will be sought, which will benefit all members of the team, not just a few.

Where do I register my child for the team?

Your child can register for the entire season, or just monthly, at the following link:

What can I do to help the program? Where can I find out more information?

There are so many ways you can help this program, but the biggest and easiest way to help us is to tell people about us! Let them know about our program, and how they can get their children involved in the sport!

You can share about us via:

Twitter: @TriJuniors

FaceBook: TriJuniors

If you’d like more information, want to volunteer to be involved with our team as a coach, or are interested in sponsoring the team, or some other capacity, please contact Jim Vance at

Thanks for your support of TriJuniors!

Coach Vance

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Training With Technology - Speed/Distance/GPS Devices for Running - Orange County Free Talk

Training With Technology
Speed/Distance/GPS Devices for Running

When: Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

Place: Spa Gaucin at The St. Regis in Dana Point, CA

Cost: FREE!!!

RSVP: Please RSVP at

TrainingBible Coach Jim Vance will explain how to effectively use your speed, distance and GPS devices for running to improve run performance, assess and maximize your training and help peak for your best race performance ever! You spent the money on it, now learn how to get your money's worth!

Refreshments and appetizers provided. A raffle will be held at the end of the event. Don't miss
this FREE opportunity!!!

You can download the PDF flier here.

Hope to see you there!

Coach Vance

Tips for losing those last few pounds

As an athlete I knew my weight had a big influence on my performance, and so I was always monitoring it, and looking for ways to keep it down. This article I wrote for are some of the tricks and tips I learned from my experience. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Shed Those Last Few Pounds

By Jim Vance

If you're a serious athlete, or just one who monitors their weight consistently, a few pounds here or there can mean a big difference in confidence, attitude and especially performance.

Many athletes can go to the extreme by cutting out meals entirely or making a dramatic change in diet, which can actually have a detrimental affect on performance and, in some cases, even cause weight gain. If the body feels it is deficient in some nutritional areas it can horde and hold onto the things it feels it needs to conserve.

Read the rest at

Friday, June 12, 2009

Introducing TriJuniors

On June 21st, 2009, TriJuniors will be born. TriJuniors is committed to promoting and developing the sport of triathlon among high school age youth, (13-18), in a team atmosphere, from beginner to elite ability levels, based in San Diego.

Athletes in the TriJuniors program will build skills and learn goal setting and pursuing goals. With hard work and fun, young triathletes will build a healthy lifestyle from their experiences in this positive environment for personal growth both in the sport, and in life.

TriJuniors will also support certain athletes displaying a desire and potential ability to compete at the highest level of the sport for their age, with a more focused and determined training regimen and development protocol toward ITU draft-legal triathlon.

Yesterday, I spoke about my desires and passions to grow the sport, and there are few ways better to help grow the sport than bringing it to our youth. San Diego is the birthplace and mecca of the sport of triathlon, but bolsters not a single youth team or program in its area. In my opinion, that’s embarrassing and a shame. I have decided to change that.

This team is not just going to be a team of young athletes which trains and races though. This team will set the standard and raise the bar when it comes to utilizing and leveraging social media to bring about sponsors, promote current sponsors, and promote the sport. After all, the team will be made of teenagers, and they always seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and social media.

I am happy and proud to lead this charge, but I won’t be able to do it alone. I’m asking for your help in getting this team going, and making it happen. Here are ways you can help:

• Tell people you know about us! If you want to expose youth in San Diego to our sport, then tell them about us! Tell their parents too!
• Follow our Twitter account, @TriJuniors or
• Promote our Twitter account, especially on Follow Fridays
• Become a fan our Facebook page:
• Promote our Facebook page to others

So why the big social media push? Because this team will be directed at youth, giving them amazing experiences in the sport, and the more presence we have, the better the benefits and experiences we can deliver the kids involved in our program.

Our website development is a little behind schedule, (not surprising), but by next week you can see and follow us at You can always follow us at the above mentioned social media pages. Registration for the team will be available on the website by next week, but in the meantime, parents interested in registering their kids will be able to do so by contacting me directly, at

Why does the season for the team only last 3 months? This is because the team is just getting started, and the summer months coincide with kids having the free time available to participate in the sport. It also helps to grow the team without as many conflicts with school sports programs. Eventually, I would like to see the team grow to a year-round program, but at this point I must start small. Also, there is no model for me to follow. I am creating the model for youth programs here in Southern California.

I also have no idea how well received this will be. I could have no kids at all, or just one. But if I have one, I will make it a great experience for that one! I could have 20. I am hopeful to get 10 kids for the season, but however many we get, we get.

Our race schedule will try to expose the kids to many different events, distances, and styles of racing, from non-drafting to draft-legal, Aquathlons to triathlons.

TriJuniors 2009 Race Schedule (Subject to change)

- Strawberry Fields Triathlon, July 19th, 2009 (Junior Elite Cup)
- TCSD Monthly Club Races
- TCSD Monthly Aquathlons
- Solana Beach Triathlon, July 26th, 2009
- Imperial Beach Triathlon, August 23rd, 2009
- Nautica Malibu Triathlon, September 19th & 20th, 2009

Membership for the season is $600. The season runs from June 21st to September 20th.

What do young triathletes get for $600?
- Coached workouts (minimum 2 per week, 4 max, depending on race schedule)
- FREE account, for training log and training plan
- Training plans built specific to their needs and race goals
- T-Shirts, apparel, and other TriJuniors specific items, (based on availability)
- Triathlon Club of San Diego Membership
- Potential sponsor products, (based on availability,)
- Sponsor discounts for young triathlete and their families
- Team environment for growing socially and physically
- Discounted race entry fees, (based on negotiated amounts)
- More to be announced as sponsorship deals are finalized

Due to the athlete numbers not being known at this point, sponsorships and the depth of sponsorships are still being negotiated. Stay tuned for more, because they will be announced as they get finalized.

So that’s the big announcement. More to come on this topic, and I am happy to answer questions here, or via Twitter and Facebook. So please help me spread the word!

Thanks for your support with this endeavor!

Coach Vance

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leadership and announcement tomorrow

When I left racing after last season and decided to concentrate on coaching, I did it for a number of reasons. Some were:
  • Competition getting tougher
  • Travel expenses rising
  • Sponsorships becoming tougher to get
  • Prize money staying the same, or in some cases going down, (XTERRA)
Basically everything pointed to negative. All of this contributed, but there were other things like wondering if I had the mental commitment required to continue to race at such a high level. After all, these factors certainly upped the mental ante.

I was starting to look more at the opportunities triathlon was costing me, and not what it was giving me. I left teaching to race professionally because I loved the sport, not because of money. Somewhere along the line that changed, and I wanted to go back to loving the sport.

I saw so many things the sport needed, which I had a desire to chase and make happen. I came to realize triathlon didn't need another pro-triathlete. What triathlon needed was leadership. Leadership in coaching, teaching, journalism, development, and growing the sport.

Since this realization, I've forged ahead with the same effort and intensity that I brought to my training and racing, near its peak. Some of these things have been:
  • Coaching a weekly track workout on Tuesday nights, trying to grow the event and make it a learning experience for the athletes, not just a hard workout
  • Coaching an open-water swim workout every other Wednesday, because it was clear the community of athletes were lacking race-specific skills
  • Running my first training camp in Tucson, in March
  • Clinics on a variety of skills
  • Giving monthly talks on training topics at B+L Bikes, on heat training, using GPS and power meters to monitor and track training, swimming, and much more
  • Expanding into other regions of the country to do the same things, (Chicago, Orange County, and soon New Orleans)
  • Coaching and working with elites, like Renata Bucher, to help her make the jump to the top step of the podium this season, (hopefully)
  • Working with celebrities, (Parvati Shallow and Matt Hoover), to bring more attention and new exposure to the sport
This has all been great and I am happy about the decision I have made, and I think the sport is better for it. I hope to return to racing at some point, but right now this is what the sport needs from me and needs me to continue doing.

Last night at the open-water swim workout, two people from USA Triathlon happened to be walking by, in town for a collegiate conference, and saw what I was doing. They came up and talked with me for bit and seemed impressed with what I was doing. It was assurance that I am doing the right things, which the sport needs.

So tomorrow, I will announce the next step in this personal mission to be a leader in triathlon, and help raise the profile of the sport. I'm excited, and I think you will be too.

Coach Vance

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Announcement later this week...

Stay tuned for a big announcement this week. If you follow my Twitter, you know I said it "will change the profile of triathlon in San Diego and So Cal".

I'm dying to let the cat out of the bag, but not yet..

Coach Vance

Open Water Swim Clinic -June 21, 2009

If you've been wanting to get out to one of my swim clinics, this is your chance. Sunday, June 21st, 1 PM, at Ventura Cove in San Diego, next to the Bahia.

Register at:

Coach Vance

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interview with Tri Club of San Diego

I did an interview with the Tri Club of San Diego, for their newsletter. Lots of topics, good stuff.

The interview starts on page 7. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts.

Coach Vance

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Renata's win Italy Video

Renata Bucher's win in Italy is well documented in this AWESOME video of the XTERRA Italy race. Check it out...

If you can't see the video, click this link:

Congrats Renata! It's great to work with you!

Coach Vance

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Endorsements, Testimonials and Feedback

One of the best things about being a coach, (a teacher by trade), is helping people improve, learn and reach their goals. I have received many great emails with testimonials and compliments from people who have worked with me, attended my clinics, lectures, camps, or read my articles on this blog or in other publications. The problem is I never get to share these with anyone else, so I have decided to change that. This is going to be a growing collection of those emails, as references for my work. If you want to be included here, I'm happy to add you!

Thanks Jim! Great clinic. I did my monthly timed 1000 yd swim and cut off 1:50 from last month! 
- Cecily A.

Awesome Jim, thanks soooo much for this!!!! This will help me out big time, especially now that I'm on the edge of the podium in some races and on the podium in others. I have a bike racing background, so my biggest hole in my game was the swim. I'm going to recommend this clinic to other triathletes that I know. 
-Thomas Ryan

Thank you for the feedback. It has definitely encouraged me and reinvigorated my training during the off-season. The slight adjustment of reaching/lengthening I did this week and it has helped tremendously. The next step this coming week is to focus on the catch for both. I see how I'm missing out on huge opportunities with what you pointed out with my catch. 

Hi Jim,
purchased and used one of your 70.3 training plans in Training Peaks. I loved it! I completed my race and felt good about it, despite a tough run. Lessons learned that day of course. J

"I'm really enjoying the training program! I had no idea that I would be setting PR's at (almost) 43- thank you for challenging me! "
-Gray Clark

I have meant to respond to you since attending your clinic.  I sat near the front, we talked for a few minutes after your presentation, I was a swimmer and water polo player in high school and college many years ago.

I wanted you to know what a huge difference your technique made for me. I was doing a 400 in about 6:07 before your lecture, and after on my first swim I did a 400 in 5:34.  I was so amazed, I had to do another just to make sure I hadn't misread to clock or something. What an astounding difference! Mostly just from aggressively reaching and throwing my arms forward. My 100 speed went from 1:30 to under 1:25.

Your presentation was well organized and very informative. Obviously also very helpful for me.  Thanks so much!

Andy Sweet"

Thank you for sending the videos.
Your swim drills and critical analysis of the video were very helpful.
Overall a great day!

Best Regards,

"Hi Jim,
I just wanted to send you an update on my swimming. Before we met I could barely swim 100 yards without having to stop to catch my breath. The past five days I've racked up 4775 yards in the pool and can easily swim 50 laps without stopping. Granted I'm still slow and I'm utilizing a pull buoy, but it's an incredible turn around from where I was.

I wanted to thank you for coming to Madison and doing the underwater analysis and giving a free 2 hour lecture. I took one-on-one lessons last summer and learned some old school bad habits that have actually slowed me down. Your video analysis pointed out those bad habits and you gave me great tips on correcting those. The lecture really clicked and made sense to me.
It’s only been one week, and I’ve dropped my 100 yard pace from 1:40 to 1:28 (and that’s without adding flip turns – that’s next). And I haven’t even started working on the drills you suggested yet. I’m going to start working on the drills next week.
Most importantly, I’ve been much more motivated in the pool lately. I can feel the speed in the water when I get in a good rhythm and for the first time in the last 12 months I feel like I can actually become a good swimmer if I work hard and keep focusing on improving my form. I no longer feel like I’m working a lot harder than everyone else and going nowhere.
Thanks again. Let me know if you come back to Madison. I’ve had a lot of friends express interest in your video analysis."
-Mike Wolfgram


This is Gerry Rodrigues here. I skim most things written on openwater and have found your conscious articles accurate and effective. My background is in open water.

The purpose of this note is to commend you on your well written and right to the point effective training articles on open water training for triathletes.

Keep up the great work! It a pleasure to read accurate information as there is quite a bit of misinformation for triathletes which is no wonder so many are confused. Very few writers or coaches I have read, get the most accurate info out.....glad you do.

-Gerry Rodrigues
Tower 26

"Hey Jim,
I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support at the Active Training Camp last weekend. It was such an honor to have you there and even more to work directly with you!
With your help I am no longer afraid to ride with my clips and am so excited about that. Looking forward to seeing out at future team trainings and the big race day!
Thanks again.
Kindest Regards,
Shannon Iberger"

"@jimvance I always love your talks! Thank you for all you do for TCSD and the tri community in general : )"-TRIbalChic (via Twitter)

"@jimvance Great talk on heat training/racing last night Jim! Thanks a ton!"
-nerdyrocker (via Twitter)

This is Chris Syktich (Regina's husband). I'd like let you know that I appreciate what you've done for Regina recently. We attended your swim clinic at B&L a few weeks ago (which was one of the best triathlon clinics I've ever attended) and while we were there Regina registered for your swim class. She speaks highly of you and your method of instruction/training.

Thank you."-Chris Syktich
"Attended your talk at B&L Bikes on swim. Huge help to me. Thanks."

- Eldon Thomas

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note about a very positive experience I had about improving my running technique. Earlier this month, I ran a 3 mile flat course in 28:43, which I thought was pretty good for me. Today, however, I focused in on some of the running techniques that you’ve been teaching at Tuesday Night Track sessions, specifically proper breathing, lower center of gravity, running in a “lean forward” position and quicker cadence. The result: 24:25 over the exact same course. The other factor, I think, was confidence. Once I believed that I could do it, well…. I just did it. I am truly amazed.
Thanks for all of your help and encouragement, and I hope to see you again soon."
- Frank C. Borik

"Thanks Jim,I had taken a swim clinic a few yrs ago that cost twice as much and had half the information and value that your's did. It was very well done."
-Carrie Bush

"I just wanted to share that I knocked over 8 minutes off of my swim time from my last Oceanside 70.3 and had a much better experience in the water. Direct result of your clinic and advice. Thanks for your help."
- Michael Glauser

"Hi Jim,
I really enjoyed the swim clinic and got amongst them at Tuesday morning masters!
I am SORE!!! Really think this is what I needed. Thanks so very much for all your pearls of wisdom!"
- Katie Johnson

"g'day there jim,
i was at ur clinic on march 22nd at mission bay. i got a fair bit of confidence from ur words of wisdom and made it a point to make sure i attacked the swim hard from the start! I just wanted to say thanks and let you know i put your coaching into effect at the spring sprint...
great work mate, & thanks for ur help!"

- John Girvan

Coach Vance
I want to thank you for the swim clinic that I attended a couple of weeks ago. The techniques that I learned really kick in on the swim...I could hear you saying in my head keep arms long and pull. I felt like I was gliding. I didn't realize that the last 3 to 400 yards I got on some ones feet until my friend who was watching told me after the race. Thanks again and I had FUN!"-Quintin Tennant

I am looking forward to next year's marathon to see if I can overcome some of these obstacles. Your input and advice has been extremely helpful. Thank you!"

-Leon Strayer

"You did a great job and I enjoyed working with you."


Check back, because this list is growing...

Coach Vance

Monday, June 1, 2009

Talk on Heat Training at B+L - Monday, June 8th

I'll be conducting a free talk on heat training and adaptation to hotter conditions and climates. Here's the info...

Monday, June 8th @ B+L San Diego, (Point Loma), 6:15-8 PM

TCSD BYOC Lecture - "Bring Your Own Chair"

Heat Training - TrainingBible Coach Jim Vance will discuss the science of physiology and heat, as well as effective training strategies for heat adaptation, and maximizing performance in hotter climates. If you're doing an event at a hot location, this will be a lecture you won't want to miss!

Hope to see you there!

Coach Vance