Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tips for losing those last few pounds

As an athlete I knew my weight had a big influence on my performance, and so I was always monitoring it, and looking for ways to keep it down. This article I wrote for are some of the tricks and tips I learned from my experience. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Shed Those Last Few Pounds

By Jim Vance

If you're a serious athlete, or just one who monitors their weight consistently, a few pounds here or there can mean a big difference in confidence, attitude and especially performance.

Many athletes can go to the extreme by cutting out meals entirely or making a dramatic change in diet, which can actually have a detrimental affect on performance and, in some cases, even cause weight gain. If the body feels it is deficient in some nutritional areas it can horde and hold onto the things it feels it needs to conserve.

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