Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Endorsements, Testimonials and Feedback

One of the best things about being a coach, (a teacher by trade), is helping people improve, learn and reach their goals. I have received many great emails with testimonials and compliments from people who have worked with me, attended my clinics, lectures, camps, or read my articles on this blog or in other publications. The problem is I never get to share these with anyone else, so I have decided to change that. This is going to be a growing collection of those emails, as references for my work. If you want to be included here, I'm happy to add you!

Thanks Jim! Great clinic. I did my monthly timed 1000 yd swim and cut off 1:50 from last month! 
- Cecily A.

Awesome Jim, thanks soooo much for this!!!! This will help me out big time, especially now that I'm on the edge of the podium in some races and on the podium in others. I have a bike racing background, so my biggest hole in my game was the swim. I'm going to recommend this clinic to other triathletes that I know. 
-Thomas Ryan

Thank you for the feedback. It has definitely encouraged me and reinvigorated my training during the off-season. The slight adjustment of reaching/lengthening I did this week and it has helped tremendously. The next step this coming week is to focus on the catch for both. I see how I'm missing out on huge opportunities with what you pointed out with my catch. 

Hi Jim,
purchased and used one of your 70.3 training plans in Training Peaks. I loved it! I completed my race and felt good about it, despite a tough run. Lessons learned that day of course. J

"I'm really enjoying the training program! I had no idea that I would be setting PR's at (almost) 43- thank you for challenging me! "
-Gray Clark

I have meant to respond to you since attending your clinic.  I sat near the front, we talked for a few minutes after your presentation, I was a swimmer and water polo player in high school and college many years ago.

I wanted you to know what a huge difference your technique made for me. I was doing a 400 in about 6:07 before your lecture, and after on my first swim I did a 400 in 5:34.  I was so amazed, I had to do another just to make sure I hadn't misread to clock or something. What an astounding difference! Mostly just from aggressively reaching and throwing my arms forward. My 100 speed went from 1:30 to under 1:25.

Your presentation was well organized and very informative. Obviously also very helpful for me.  Thanks so much!

Andy Sweet"

Thank you for sending the videos.
Your swim drills and critical analysis of the video were very helpful.
Overall a great day!

Best Regards,

"Hi Jim,
I just wanted to send you an update on my swimming. Before we met I could barely swim 100 yards without having to stop to catch my breath. The past five days I've racked up 4775 yards in the pool and can easily swim 50 laps without stopping. Granted I'm still slow and I'm utilizing a pull buoy, but it's an incredible turn around from where I was.

I wanted to thank you for coming to Madison and doing the underwater analysis and giving a free 2 hour lecture. I took one-on-one lessons last summer and learned some old school bad habits that have actually slowed me down. Your video analysis pointed out those bad habits and you gave me great tips on correcting those. The lecture really clicked and made sense to me.
It’s only been one week, and I’ve dropped my 100 yard pace from 1:40 to 1:28 (and that’s without adding flip turns – that’s next). And I haven’t even started working on the drills you suggested yet. I’m going to start working on the drills next week.
Most importantly, I’ve been much more motivated in the pool lately. I can feel the speed in the water when I get in a good rhythm and for the first time in the last 12 months I feel like I can actually become a good swimmer if I work hard and keep focusing on improving my form. I no longer feel like I’m working a lot harder than everyone else and going nowhere.
Thanks again. Let me know if you come back to Madison. I’ve had a lot of friends express interest in your video analysis."
-Mike Wolfgram


This is Gerry Rodrigues here. I skim most things written on openwater and have found your conscious articles accurate and effective. My background is in open water.

The purpose of this note is to commend you on your well written and right to the point effective training articles on open water training for triathletes.

Keep up the great work! It a pleasure to read accurate information as there is quite a bit of misinformation for triathletes which is no wonder so many are confused. Very few writers or coaches I have read, get the most accurate info out.....glad you do.

-Gerry Rodrigues
Tower 26

"Hey Jim,
I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support at the Active Training Camp last weekend. It was such an honor to have you there and even more to work directly with you!
With your help I am no longer afraid to ride with my clips and am so excited about that. Looking forward to seeing out at future team trainings and the big race day!
Thanks again.
Kindest Regards,
Shannon Iberger"

"@jimvance I always love your talks! Thank you for all you do for TCSD and the tri community in general : )"-TRIbalChic (via Twitter)

"@jimvance Great talk on heat training/racing last night Jim! Thanks a ton!"
-nerdyrocker (via Twitter)

This is Chris Syktich (Regina's husband). I'd like let you know that I appreciate what you've done for Regina recently. We attended your swim clinic at B&L a few weeks ago (which was one of the best triathlon clinics I've ever attended) and while we were there Regina registered for your swim class. She speaks highly of you and your method of instruction/training.

Thank you."-Chris Syktich
"Attended your talk at B&L Bikes on swim. Huge help to me. Thanks."

- Eldon Thomas

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note about a very positive experience I had about improving my running technique. Earlier this month, I ran a 3 mile flat course in 28:43, which I thought was pretty good for me. Today, however, I focused in on some of the running techniques that you’ve been teaching at Tuesday Night Track sessions, specifically proper breathing, lower center of gravity, running in a “lean forward” position and quicker cadence. The result: 24:25 over the exact same course. The other factor, I think, was confidence. Once I believed that I could do it, well…. I just did it. I am truly amazed.
Thanks for all of your help and encouragement, and I hope to see you again soon."
- Frank C. Borik

"Thanks Jim,I had taken a swim clinic a few yrs ago that cost twice as much and had half the information and value that your's did. It was very well done."
-Carrie Bush

"I just wanted to share that I knocked over 8 minutes off of my swim time from my last Oceanside 70.3 and had a much better experience in the water. Direct result of your clinic and advice. Thanks for your help."
- Michael Glauser

"Hi Jim,
I really enjoyed the swim clinic and got amongst them at Tuesday morning masters!
I am SORE!!! Really think this is what I needed. Thanks so very much for all your pearls of wisdom!"
- Katie Johnson

"g'day there jim,
i was at ur clinic on march 22nd at mission bay. i got a fair bit of confidence from ur words of wisdom and made it a point to make sure i attacked the swim hard from the start!...so I just wanted to say thanks and let you know i put your coaching into effect at the spring sprint...
great work mate, & thanks for ur help!"

- John Girvan

Coach Vance
I want to thank you for the swim clinic that I attended a couple of weeks ago. The techniques that I learned really kick in on the swim...I could hear you saying in my head keep arms long and pull. I felt like I was gliding. I didn't realize that the last 3 to 400 yards I got on some ones feet until my friend who was watching told me after the race. Thanks again and I had FUN!"-Quintin Tennant

I am looking forward to next year's marathon to see if I can overcome some of these obstacles. Your input and advice has been extremely helpful. Thank you!"

-Leon Strayer

"You did a great job and I enjoyed working with you."


Check back, because this list is growing...

Coach Vance

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