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TriJuniors FAQ's

Starting a junior triathlon program in an area which has never seen one, means there are plenty of questions. I want this team to be a great success, and hopefully these FAQ’s will help make that happen.

TriJuniors FAQ’s

What is TriJuniors?

TriJuniors is committed to promoting and developing the sport of triathlon among high school age youth, in a team atmosphere, from beginner to elite ability levels, in San Diego County.

Athletes in the TriJuniors program will build skills and learn goal setting and pursuing goals. With hard work and fun, young triathletes will build a healthy lifestyle from their experiences in this positive environment for personal growth both in the sport, and in life.

TriJuniors will also support certain athletes displaying a desire and potential ability to compete at the highest level of the sport for their age, with a more focused and determined training regimen and development protocol toward ITU draft-legal triathlon.

What age does my child have to be to participate?

TriJuniors is focused on growing the sport among high school aged youth, so if your child is anywhere from 13-18, this is a team they can participate on. If your child is going to be in the 9th grade, they are welcomed to join, as are high school seniors who have just graduated. In the future, TriJuniors hopes to expand to other age groups, but at this point believe this is where the focus needs to be.

Who is the head coach?

Jim Vance is the head coach of the team. Jim holds an elite triathlon license, and is a level 2 USA Triathlon Certified Coach. Jim is also a two-time amateur world champion in triathlon, for XTERRA and ITU. He has even seen success at the Ironman level, with multiple top 8 finishes, including 3rd at Ironman Florida in 2006, in a time of 8:37:09. Jim is a former school teacher, who holds a BS in physical education, and using his background in teaching to be an effective, high-performance coach to both youth and adults.

My child is just beginning to learn the sport, is this program only for elites?

No, not at all. The mission of this team is to first and foremost grow the sport by exposing it to youth. However, athletes who possess a desire and ability to compete at an elite level for their age, will be given the support and opportunity to do so, as well as encouraged. This is why one of the major races on the team's schedule is the Junior Elite Cup at Strawberry Fields, to expose the kids to draft-legal ITU style racing. It is an extremely fun and exciting style of racing, which will be a unique opportunity for them to experience.

How long is the TriJuniors season? What is their race schedule?

The TriJuniors season will begin with official practices on Sunday, June 21st, at 9 AM, until noon. The season will culminate at the Nautica Malibu events on September 19th & 20th. The race schedule includes the following:

- Strawberry Fields Triathlon, July 19th, 2009 (Junior Elite Cup)
- TCSD Monthly Club Races
TCSD Monthly Aquathlons
Solana Beach Triathlon, July 26th, 2009
- Imperial Beach Triathlon, August 23rd, 2009
- Nautica Malibu Triathlon, September 19th & 20th, 2009

Other races may be added, depending on experience and ability level of kids on the team.

Why is the season so short?

Because TriJuniors is in the initial stages of development as a program, and with it’s focus on high school kids, the summer months are the perfect window of opportunity to start, since kids tend to have less conflicts with other sports and school events. In the future, TriJuniors hopes to become a year-round program.

How often do they practice? What time are the practices held?

There will be a minimum of 2 practice sessions held during the week, but sometimes more. On the weekends, athletes can expect to have practice both Saturday and Sunday, unless there is a race event.

Weekday practice sessions will be held in the afternoons to evenings, while weekend sessions will be held in the AM. A Google calendar will be posted in the coming weeks on the TriJuniors website, with a complete practice and travel schedule, as well as directions to each venue.

Where do they conduct their training sessions?

This is still being determined, based on the location of the majority of athletes who register for the team. Parents and athletes can expect sessions at a variety of different venues, from open water, to pool, to tracks and trails.

What if my child can not attend some of the sessions?

Though attendance will be highly encouraged, it is not mandatory. Athletes will be given a TrainingPeaks.com account, which will have all their training listed, and act as their training log and communication tool with Coach Vance. They will be able to upload heart rate information, power data, GPS data from runs, rides, etc. This account will belong to them, and they are free to use for many years.

If they can’t attend a practice session, they will be expected to complete the training on their own, which will be detailed in TrainingPeaks.

How much does it cost to have my child participate?

The season is 3 months long, at $225 per month, or at a discounted rate of one lump payment of $600 for the season. This will cover all the coaching costs, practice sessions offered, Triathlon Club of San Diego membership, as well as some apparel and other items to be determined. Costs for race registration and other items are not included in this cost. However, every attempt will be made to help members of the team receive discounted rates for races, and other needs.

What sorts of equipment does my child need to participate?

Athletes in the program will need a road bike, helmet, wetsuit, and running shoes, at a minimum. Training apparel, such as bike shorts, swim suits, and other items are highly recommended.

Will sponsors be providing anything for my kids?

Right now the only sponsorship is from TrainingBible Coaching, which is devoting a large amount of funds and time to start the program, and help it be a success. It is certainly expected that athletes within the program will benefit greatly from sponsor relationships with TriJuniors. However, with the program still in its beginning stages, no equipment sponsorships have been finalized, due to final athlete numbers still being determined. Once the numbers are determined, effective sponsorship agreements will be sought, which will benefit all members of the team, not just a few.

Where do I register my child for the team?

Your child can register for the entire season, or just monthly, at the following link:


What can I do to help the program? Where can I find out more information?

There are so many ways you can help this program, but the biggest and easiest way to help us is to tell people about us! Let them know about our program, and how they can get their children involved in the sport!

You can share about us via:


Twitter: @TriJuniors

FaceBook: TriJuniors

If you’d like more information, want to volunteer to be involved with our team as a coach, or are interested in sponsoring the team, or some other capacity, please contact Jim Vance at jvance@trainingbible.com

Thanks for your support of TriJuniors!

Coach Vance

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