Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Introducing my new coaching blog!

This is a blog I'm excited about, and I decided I needed to create months ago, but was too busy. Now I have the time and am commited to making the most of this cool idea.

I already hold a blog as an elite triathlete, (http://ironmanexpedition.blogspot.com/), and I realized there were times that blog did not have a clear direction, as I was writing a lot of coaching-like posts, and other items. So in order to keep that blog clear in its focus of the trials and tribulations of a professional triathlete, I have started this blog as an opportunity for people to learn from me, as a coach.

I hope to post many articles here, or provide links to articles I will write for other publications, and provide some unique perspectives in our sport. This blog will not be updated as much as my athlete blog, but certainly I hope to make weekly contributions.

I'm also starting a third blog, (http://tritechreview.blogspot.com/), devoted to review of new technologies, or some of the cool products I get exposed to as an elite triathlete. I think this will provide some cool insight, as well as possibly help my sponsors, (I say "possibly" because I will be honest in my assessments, and I don't like everything my sponsors bring me.)

The new blog is called Tri Tech Review, which I think is a fitting name.

So stick around, and check back in, as I hope to make this worthy of visits!

Coach Vance

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