Friday, June 27, 2008

Minimum Running, Maximum PR

Minimum Running, Maximum Marathon

Written by: Jim Vance
Posted: Thursday, 22 May 2008

We’ve all heard the stories of an athlete who got injured but was still able to cross-train and then came back to give a great performance at a marathon, maybe even besting a personal record. Then there’s that new triathlete we all know who, despite running less now that she is dividing her time into three sports, is still setting personal records for her run times.

Nowadays it seems that these improbable success stories are seen in greater numbers than ever before. Is there really something to this “less running equals faster running” concept? Cross-training has a long history (in fact it’s responsible for the birth of the triathlon), but can it really work for you? If you’re new to running in the past few years, cross-training and other non-traditional sessions may be exactly what you need to maximize the training time you put in.

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Coach Vance

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