Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can we please put an end to...

Goggle-line hand entry into the water? Please, if you're a swim coach and still preaching this out-dated, not-fast methodology, PLEASE STOP! Catch a quick look at the US Olympic Swimming Trials and tell me how many athletes in the meet you see doing this technique. (Are you listening TI???).

Check out the Trials, and look at their technique, and compare it with what you do. Don't fall for this, "I am triathlete, so I need to conserve energy" bologna.

I just did a session today with a trio of folks who have been taught outdated techniques. I basically spent all my time telling them not to do what they've been told for the past year-plus. I then told them to check out the Trials and see which technique they see, mine or the one I'm telling them not to do. (You can tell this really frustrates me!)

Coach Vance

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barndog said...

obviously the latest edition of triathlete mag must frustrate you further. what does "TI" pay to get their endorsement?

Note about the O trials, one athlete thanked her stretching coach? note to self about flexibility and swimming.