Thursday, May 7, 2009

Open water swim clinic on Saturday, May 9th

Are you doing well in the pool, but having issues with your open water swimming? Want to make a big leap in your race performance? Come to the TrainingBible Open Water Swim Clinic presented by Jim Vance to learn the skills he used to win 2 Amateur World Titles, and now races professionally with, including 3rd overall at the 2006 Ironman Florida . After this simple clinic, Jim ASSURES you will know the skills to be faster in the open water for your next race, without any more effort than you’re already giving! No matter what your swim ability, fast or novice, this clinic will help you!

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Swim concepts and techniques
  • Breathing
  • Surf Entry
  • Surf Exits
  • Dolphining
  • Sighting
  • Swimming straight in the open water!
  • Currents
  • Turning at buoys
  • Transitioning quickly - out of wetsuits, goggles, etc.
  • Drafting
  • Pack swimming – dealing with crowds
  • Dealing with choppy water, big waves
  • Small tricks of the trade to help you swim FASTER!

COME PREPARED TO SWIM!!! (Bring wetsuit)

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. (Clinic begins at 1 PM!)

Where: Ventura Cove at Mission Bay . Click here for directions: http://tinyurl. com/crm5vh

It's right next to the Bahia Hotel, north side of the road. Bring everything to swim in, wetsuit, goggles, etc. Don't forget your chaffing cream, as this will be a workout as well!

Cost: $50 per person, ($40 for TCSD members!)

Reserve your spot by registering at: com/page/ Event_Details. htm?event_ id=1743963&assetId=a214fb84- 7a66-4cb3- a9ae-f97474cea03 e

Hope to see you there!

Coach Vance

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