Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Most Dangerous Word in the Nutrition and Food Industry

There is a very dangerous word in the food and nutrition industry. I see it in marketing ads, on labels and packages, and I hear it come out of the mouths of many people, almost like they have been hypnotized or brainwashed. The word may surprise you, but it shouldn't. The word is "Healthy".

There is no more deceptive and dangerous word for kids, parents, athletes or anyone else. Why? Because there is no clinical or legal definition of the word in the food and nutrition industry. There is no standard to measure against. The FDA has no legal ground to stand on and say what a company must prove or do to use the word when describing products.

I see companies naming themselves "Healthy....", as if because they name themselves that, the highly-processed foods they sell are suddenly not-processed.

I see bread companies use the word when describing the grains of their breads, as if it would still be healthy for someone with a gluten allergy. And of course, we can cite plenty of studies to show bread is not a "healthy" food for anyone.

Same with milk brands, who despite the fact they pour tons of high-fructose corn-syrup into their flavored milks, will spout about the healthiness of the calcium it provides.

We see it with yogurt, breakfast cereals, drinks, and plenty of other foods. Heck, we even see it in some of our sports supplement and nutrition products.

Don't be a blind or brainwashed sheep, falling for the word "Healthy". Understand first and foremost what the word means to you, your family, and your goals. Then read the ingredients, understand the product better, and decide for yourself if it meets the definition of "Healthy".

Coach Vance

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Ryan Denner said...

Don't forget "All Natural". Ever bought meat that wasn't all natural? Companies put that anywhere they can...