Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Coach's Mind

Penny for my thoughts in this picture? I wonder the same, and it's a photo of me! Coaching is as progressive as athletes. I'm a better coach today than I was yesterday. I'm miles ahead of where I was last year as a coach. I'll be even better a year from now.

Hopefully, you're thinking the same thing about your racing, and seeing the results to back up that trend. If not, it's time to consider some help. It doesn't have to be me, or even a full-time coach-athlete relationship, maybe just a consult here and there with a local coach to help you get your bearings, and stay on course to your goals.

You can bet in this photo, I'm contemplating all those things with my TriJuniors program. Are we meeting our goals? What can we do better? Where are we right now? What is the next step?

Coach Vance

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