Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Draft-Legal Tri Power File

Yesterday, I posted some of the different power data seen from different styles of triathlon, draft-legal and non-drafting. Today I came across this power file from Sarah Haskins, which is from the same draft-legal race, but the pro-women's race.

You can see there is more time spent in the Anaerobic Capacity Zone 6, and VO2 Max Zone 5, than yesterday's non-drafting. Part of the reason this one differs from the other draft-legal data in the previous post, is because Sarah was in a break-away group off the front, doing much of the work to pull the group, with less rest than the people in bigger packs.

Sarah's Intensity Factor, (IF), for this output was over 100% of her threshold watts, so it was a high effort. She managed to hold on for 3rd, but was out-run by 2 other girls. 

Again, you can see how having power data helps us recognize the specific demands of the athletes in their races, based upon distance, style of race, and even strategy. The key to performance is recognizing this, and training for it specifically.

Look at your goal races and investigate whether the preparation you're doing matches the demands and goals you have those races.

Coach Vance

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