Friday, May 24, 2013

Commitment is obvious...

I have an assistant who helps me track certain metrics which TrainingPeaks can't do, by putting them in an excel spreadsheet for each athlete. If these metrics are improving, then I know I am doing the right things as a coach. If they aren't improving, then I know something is wrong and must be addressed.

My assistant noticed something, and I had to chuckle at how obvious it was, but the sad thing is I guess it isn't that obvious to some athletes. She said she noticed the athletes who do the workouts as I write them, and complete them, improve in the metrics, those who aren't consistent or don't do the workouts as written, don't see the improvement the others do.

It sounds obvious, and it is, it's commitment. Without commitment, improvement isn't going to happen. The higher the goals, (such as trying to qualify for Kona, trying to podium there, or trying to be top 10 in the WTS rankings), the more important commitment is. When it's there, the results and improvement make it obvious.

Coach Vance

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