Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Basically Exceptional

"We tend to want to do the exceptional things, exceptionally well, but the basic things only basically well."
- Bill Sweetenham

Think about the high level of goals you have. If you're reading this blog, chances are you have high, exceptional goals. But are you doing the basic things exceptionally well in order to achieve those goals? What are some of the basic things, you ask?

- Recovery
- Nutrition
- Sleep patterns
- Listening to your body
- Swim, pedaling and running technique
- Bike position
- Recording, logging training
- Training consistently
- Transitions
- Mounts, dismounts

These don't cost a lot of money, and in many ways they are free, just need your attention. It's amazing how doing these basic things can make all the difference, allowing you to accomplish the exceptional. That is, if you do these exceptionally well.

Coach Vance

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Tony Smoragiewicz said...

What are the exceptional things that we should be doing exceptionally well?