Thursday, October 29, 2015

Natural Running Network Podcast on Power Meters for Running

I recently did an interview on the Natural Running Network Podcast, discussing power meters for running, their potential, what we know so far, and more.

You can find the podcast interview here:

You can expect a lot more posts coming soon on power meters for running, how they work, how to interpret the data and more.


BobC said...

Hi Jim,

I've been agonizing over which bike power meter to get (hub/crank/cleat/shoe, single/dual, new/used, etc.) when I stumbled across this podcast (and your Kona video) concerning running with power.

Now it seems like getting RPM2 Triathlete would be a slam-dunk if it is quick and easy to switch between cycling and running shoes. Killing two birds with one stone (well, one pair of insoles).

1. I'd prefer to make a single investment in one power system.
2. Bricks kill me: I really need data to jointly optimize the end of the bike and the beginning of the run.
3. Of course, I'd also like to do separate bike and run training with power.

What do you think? Buy the RPM2 Tri?

Can I finally retire my PowerTAP PowerCAL chest strap? (Which has units of 'What?'s, but is better than nothing.)



Jim Vance said...


The answer depends on how much support you need when running. I like the RPM2 unit, but if you need an orthotic, right now that will be something you would have to sacrifice. If you can choose a shoe that makes for no need for more support from an insole, the RPM2 is a great tool, and is very easily switched between shoes.

The RPM2 also has a number of other great functions, from assessing leg strength discrepancies and imbalances, as well as range of motion, and more. It is impressive. It is much more than just a power meter.