Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Video Training Plans Available

I've been working on some new pre-built training plans, on Training Peaks. These plans are new and different than the standard plans you find though, as I've focused on swimming skills, using drills for technique and coordination improvement. The fact the plans are focused on developing skills, not just fitness, allows athletes to use the plans as they choose, and when they choose.

The biggest difference in these plans are I have attached videos to each of the drills to help people see and understand the drills better. (For example, try explaining sculling to someone, with just words. It's hard.)

Another unique aspect of these plans and videos are that they are iPod video compatible! This will allow athletes to take the videos to the pool with them, and not have to memorize them. Coaches can also use the videos on deck, when working with athletes. This will allow them to stay dry and clearly demonstrate the drills. has even done a blog post about the new plans, which you can read here. I'm the first person to do this, so I hope I'm setting new trends in the coaching industry. Stay tuned to some more video training plans.

You can purchase one of the plans here, or at my link to training plans on the right. Check it out, and let me know your thoughts if you purchase it.

Coach Vance

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