Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chris LeMieux

Congrats to Chris LeMieux, my client from New Orleans! Take a look at his improvement after signing up with me, at Ironman Florida this past weekend, compared to last year.

2007, 2008
Time 12:47:49, 11:04:33
Place 1305, 558
Swim 59:31, 59:23
Bike 6:21:21, 5:40:40
Run 5:16:37, 4:17:30

Quite an improvement, (1 hour, 43 mins), and this was done with little to no technology or data collection. He was consistent and committed, and reaped the benefits. He called me today, and already is signed up again for next year. He is pumped to start using more technology, like power meters and GPS, to get even faster for next year!

Congrats Chris!

Coach Vance

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