Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tri-Fitness Clinic in San Diego, with Joe Friel

On Saturday, March 21st, Joe Friel and Jim Vance will be having a triathlon-fitness clinic at Coastal Sports and Wellness, for any member of the local triathlon community. This clinic based off the Australian Triathlon Federation idea where athletes could come and get a complete overview and assessment done for the upcoming season, in a single day.

The clinic is a set-up as a series of stations, which athletes rotate thru. Before beginning the stations, attendees will be get to hear a private lecture from Joe Friel entitled, "2009 - Your Best Season Ever". After completing the lecture and preparation, athletes will move to the stations. The stations are:

Bike Fit with local bike fitting experts - see what small changes in your bike fit can mean for better performance.
Race Nutrition Planning with Kim Mueller - review and refine your race nutrition to nail it on race-day!
Physical Therapy Assessment with Coastal Sports and Wellness therapists - prevent injuries you don't have yet, by finding out your weak areas.
Ask a Coach with Joe Friel - Discuss your training and any other questions on your mind related to the sport.
Run Gait analysis with UCPT therapist, Gino Cinco - Find out what injuries may occur from running, and what type of shoes will help prevent them.

Each station is operated by local experts, and they will be spending time with each athlete individually, at each station, in order to give athletes a lot of valuable information relative to them, individually. You will not find a more comprehensive clinic to address your needs as an athlete, than this one, (the cost of just one of these stations would be more than the clinic itself. If you're a self-coached athlete, this clinic is invaluable. If you're a coached athlete already, the information gained here can help you maximize that relationship.

The clinic will begin at 10 AM and last until 2 PM. Cost of the clinic is $100, ($80 for TCSD members). It is limited to only 30 athletes, in order to keep instructional quality high. Athletes may register at the following registration page:
http://tinyurl. com/dj4ncb

For those who can not attend the clinic, Joe Friel will be our March TCSD Monthly Meeting Guest Speaker!
http://www.triclubs featuredEvents/ 40912502. html

TCSD members can email Jim at to get the discount code for the event.

For questions, please feel free to contact Jim Vance at jvance@trainingbibl

Hope to see you there!

Coach Vance

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