Thursday, April 2, 2009

Triathlete Mag, catching up, and Oceanside on Saturday

It was a pretty successful SuperFrog/SuperSeal as a coach this past weekend. Renata won the women's race of the Frog, while Adam was 5th in the Seal, which were solid performances. Carrie had her best Olympic distance time ever, despite the wind and long transition run, and Parvati finished her longest triathlon ever, with a smile on her face!

New article on Parvati on

If you saw this issue, you know I wrote the big article mentioned on the cover. You'll also notice the Sunday's don't quite look right on my article, "Training for a Long Distance Triathlon on 10 Hours a Week". The Saturdays and Sundays got jammed together. I'll post a correct chart here soon. (Not sure what happened with the color in the photo I'm posting above, but you'll see it correctly at the site.)

I'll be at Oceanside watching the 70.3 race this Saturday. I'm normally all over the place, until the run, then I settle in just about 100 meters south of the first aid station on the run. This is close to the 1 mile mark, and the aid station run by TCSD. My athlete Adam is in contention for a Kona slot, and I'm testing an entirely different and new tapering strategy with him. We will see how it goes. Check back here, because if it works well, I'll be talking about it. If it doesn't, it's back to the drawing board, hahaha. I have a few other athletes competing, who I'll be supporting. Should be fun!

If you're going to be out there, come say hello. If you're competing, look for me around that mark of the run course, and say hello as well.

I've received a lot of emails and text messages from friends and clients who have received the latest issue of Triathlete Mag, for the month of May. The article is called "Dreaming of Kona". It analyzes what it actually takes to qualify for Kona, on a statistical basis, and which races tend to best for qualifying. I was glad to see they took my title idea! Here's a photo of it, but you'll have to get the issue to read it and see the rest!

Otherwise, I've been busy with clinics and running some workouts locally, on the track and in the open water. If you haven't been out to either of my track workouts or open water swims, you're missing out!

Tune in for more announcements, as there are a lot of cool things in the works. That's all for now though!

Coach Vance

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