Saturday, December 11, 2010

If you needed anymore convincing...

...that triathlon can help your running, and make you a fitter, better athlete overall, than look no further than today's Footlocker Cross Country Championships at Morley Field!

Lukas Verzbicas - 1st, 14:59 (5K)
Tony Smoragiewicz - 3rd, 15:16

These are two of the top Junior Triathletes for the US, and both are juniors in high school still!

Impressive, given the list of names who have been top 3 at this event in years past, and what they've been able to accomplish just in distance running alone. This includes:

Adam Goucher
Meb Kflezighi
Alan Webb
Ryan Hall
Dathan Ritzenhein
Bob Kennedy
Ruben Reina
Marc Davis
Louie Quintanna
Bryan Dameworth

This is just the men's side, the women have had similar success.

A great sign of the future for the US in the sport! And a great motivation for the rest of us!

Coach Vance

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