Friday, October 30, 2009

Debunking the High-Cost Myth of Power Meters

Here's my latest article for, which is one I've had on my mind for awhile!

Debunking the High-Cost Myth of Power Meters

One of the requirements I've started making with the athletes I coach, is that they invest in a power meter. I do this not just because it makes my job as a coach easier, but more importantly, the training decisions we make become based on objective data, rather than impulse and bias. This makes my work as a coach much more effective for the athlete.

Of course, one of the biggest obstacles I face in presenting this requirement is the perception that power meters cost a lot of money. "Wow, do you know how much those cost?" is usually the initial response. Yet, so many athletes come to me wanting to spend thousands of dollars on a new bike, wetsuit, swim skin suit, and/or race wheel set.

In all my days of coaching or racing professionally, I've never seen a bike or similar piece of equipment which has allowed me or my athletes to train dumb. If the athlete thinks the bike will actually be the difference to make up for a lack of focused and consistent training, then the marketing of bike companies has done an outstanding job. (To be fair, bike companies are not the only ones.)...

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