Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Coaching Services Provided - Remote Video Analysis

One of the biggest problems athletes have is finding a coach they know, trust and can work with. It is difficult for some who live in an area where they don't have a coach like that. Luckily, the technology in the sporting world is improving this relationship for athletes and coaches who are geographically challenged, by the use and tracking of power meter files and GPS/speed-distance devices for running.

Now we even find the use of underwater cameras and regular video cameras for recording performance in the water and out on the roads can help coaches and athletes who are far apart.

With this in mind, I'm now offering analysis of swim and run videos, REMOTELY, for those who would like to follow-up with my thoughts and ideas. If you've attended my swim clinics, talks or practices, or have seen my testimonials from athletes, then this is something you're probably interested in.

You can send the videos to me, via, (a free service), and the fee will be collected via Paypal. The fee is $80, and I will send you a document back, along with still images diagramming what I see which needs to be fixed, and how to fix it.

If you're interested, but really want to get the most out of it, I would also recommend watching my webinar on swimming at, which will happen on February 1, 2010.

Send me those videos, and be faster today! Best of luck!

Coach Vance

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