Thursday, March 18, 2010

SLO Camp March 2010

The San Luis Obispo camp is complete, and what a great experience! (I'm actually in Mallorca, Spain now, for another camp I am running, so more to come on that one!) SLO was our first camp, and we wanted it to be a great combination of training, learning and fun. I think we accomplished it! We had 23 campers, 4 coaches, and 1 camp administrator.

The coaches for the camp were Adam Zucco, Jeff Vicario, Trevor Glavin and myself. We actually started with 3 of us on Monday, with 3 campers, before the other 20 came on Thursday. Here are some photos from the event. (If you can't see the photos, click here)

Here is the group ready to pre-ride the Wildflower Long Course Tri bike course.

The transition rack for our brick intervals workout on Tuesday. TOUGH WORKOUT!

Finishing a lap on the brick interval workout.

A few of the athletes gathering for a pic, after a run at Montana de Oro, in San Luis Obispo. BEAUTIFUL SPOT!

Coaches discuss how the pool session went, while the athletes swim a cool-down.

Debriefing after a run, with the athletes and coaches. Small group on Tuesday, running on a great dirt road up to a mountain top and back down, with ocean views at the top!

Coach Zucco demonstrates a dynamic warm-up drill called Spider-Man.

Coaches Zucco and Vance on deck leading the swim workout.

One of our beautiful rides, heading down to the coast, with some brief rain droplets.

We also had classroom sessions, learning about various topics, from swim and run technique with video assessments, and even training philosophy and practices.

It would be impossible for me to include all the photos from the week, but this should give you a good idea of all the things we did. In total, we had between 16 and 26 hours of training in the 4 day camp, and over 40 hours in the week!

If you're considering a training camp for sometime in the future, this is one you'll want to consider next time we do it!

Coach Vance


D a v e P said...

Awesome pics Jim!

Sheila said...

Great Camp - the coaches knowledge and experience made it worthwhile. The training venue would be hard to beat!