Friday, June 4, 2010

Global Open-Water Swim Conference

I apparently forgot to mention on my blog that I will be speaking at the Global Open-Water Swim Conference this weekend. I've known for months, but forgot to post it here. If you can't make it to Long Beach, CA for the event, I will put my recorded talk and PDF of the presentation in the Coach Vance Store.

My topic is "Building the Mindset and Performance of a Front-Pack Swimmer", and will include the things I used to become a front-pack swimmer in the sport of triathlon, and the things I teach my athletes.

Funny, but this past Wednesday night we did our open-water swim intervals, and I really stepped up the game at the workout. It was definitely the hardest swim workout I've ever given to the athletes, and the 25 who showed up did not leave disappointed! I was applying all the things I will be talking about at the conference, even with the kids from my TriJuniors team.

If you're looking to learn how to improve your open-water swimming, there are a few choices you have. You can:
- Come to my open water swim workouts, every other Wednesday
- Attend my talk at the Global Open-Water Swim Conference
- If you're a youngster 13-19 years old, join my TriJuniors program
- Download the talk once it's in the Coach Vance Store
- Do combinations of all of the above!

I am passionate about swimming and improving swim ability, and I'm sure you'll see that.

Coach Vance

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