Thursday, June 10, 2010

WKO+ and the Bigger Picture of Fitness

This is an article I recently wrote for, and can be found at their blog.

By Coach Jim Vance

In my previous article on WKO+, I discussed how we can use the software to monitor athlete fitness and performance, and use the data to drive our training decisions as a coach.

This concept really shines as the athletes begin to accumulate a larger database of data of years and seasons of training and racing. Many athletes think back to times when their fitness was very high, and try to recapture it, or even surpass it, but their mental vision of how the season went is normally clouded. It’s hard to remember specific details, but with a collection of data reviewed over a time scale, such as the PMC, (Performance Management Chart), you can get a clear idea of where the athlete’s fitness was, and more importantly, how their current fitness level compares directly.

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Coach Vance

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