Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Training Plans Added

I've created some new training plans, which can be linked to on the right, under Jim Vance Training Plans. One is a new 12-week sprint triathlon plan, which has been very popular without me even announcing it. Another plan is an 18-week half-ironman training plan. The other is a new 21-week marathon training plan, which is an improved and much more detailed version of the plan I wrote for Competitor Magazine. If you liked that plan, I think you'll love this version even more!

Of course, I still have iPod training plans, which are great for those of you with an iPod video, and are wanting some swim help, or home strengthening routines because you can't get to a gym. These videos have helped me a lot with my clients as a coach, attaching the videos in their daily logs on Training Peaks, to help illustrate the exact drills and exercises I want them to perform. Without the videos, it is difficult to explain effectively with words alone. (Ever tried to explain sculling to a new swimmer?)

Pre-built training plans offer a great, lower-cost alternative to higher-priced coaching packages, but still offer a periodized layout and plan which 90+% of athletes will benefit from, if they follow it properly.

More plans are on the way, but if you have any ideas or special requests, I'm happy to listen to what needs people have for training plans.

Coach Vance

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