Monday, January 5, 2009

TrainingBible Coaching Training Camp - Tuscon, AZ, March 12-15, 2009

One of the things I'm always amazed at is how much "Triathlon Camps" cost! What the hell? I know you're learning a lot probably, but wow, $5000??? Food and rooms not included??? (I won't name the companies, you can just search and find out for yourself.)

If you're a TraininBible Coaching client, (heck, even if you're not), we've got a great camp for you.

The camp takes place in Tucson, AZ, right around the time of the TriFest, the biggest triathlon festival in the sport! March 12-15, 2009. We'll be working with our clients over the 3-4 days on each sport, and doing some training as well as teaching. This will include swimming, biking and running. I'll even have my underwater camera there to work with athletes on their swimming, which some coaches charge a bundle for as it is!

Register with Jim Vance at

Spend the weekend training with your coach in beautiful warm Tuscon AZ. Cost: $100 for TBC Coached athletes. $300 for non-coached athletes. This cost does not include lodging or meals.

If you're a TrainingBible client, this is a great opportunity for you, whether your coach is there or not! Our coaching staff will work with you to get you on the right foot and headed for success in 2009!

If you're not a TrainingBible client, then this is still THE BEST DEAL AROUND! You'll get 3 days of attention from our coaching staff and learn the key items to help you see success in 2009! AND IT'S ONLY $300!!! Try to find that from the other coaching companies!!! Show me a better deal, I challenge you!

Hope to see you there!

Coach Vance

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