Friday, January 23, 2009

Introducing a Supplemental Swim Training Plan with Video

As a coach, one of the things which I've noticed is the apprehensiveness of many athletes to completely commit to a pre-devised training plan. So many athletes feel there is little flexibility in the plans, and in many ways feel the plans don't relate to them and their training environment, routines, etc.

This is something all coaches and athletes battle. Coaches are trying to create plans which will work for most athletes, but still address the individual needs of each athlete as much as possible. Athletes want to find a plan which works with their individual schedule and goals, as well as addresses their individual weaknesses.

Some athletes feel they are great runners or cyclists, and know what they need to do in their training to continue with that success level, but maybe need more help with the swim. It can be hard to find a training plan which matches the philosophy of both coach and athlete.

Attempting to build on the success of my iPod Training Plans, I sought an alternative to the complete, all-or-nothing training plans, while still maximizing the opportunity for success with each athlete. The result of this endeavor is the new "Supplemental" style of training plans I am offering. The first plan I am offering is a
Supplemental Swim Training Plan with Video. This a 10-week plan intended for athletes who are training for anywhere from Sprint to Half-Ironman distances.

"Supplemental" means this is not a complete training plan for a triathlon. Athletes can just insert this swim plan into their regular training plan, supplementing their bike and run training. This is strictly a system of drills and accompanied swim workouts for athletes to use to add a new component to their swim training. Athletes who are self-coached and are in need of some more swim instruction, or those who may not have access to a coach on deck, or aren’t in a masters program, will find this swim program helpful. Athletes can also adjust and manipulate the workouts to fit their skill level and race demands.

This allows athletes to have more control over their own training, yet still get the help they seek in the areas specific to them. No longer will athletes have to feel apprehensive, nor that they have to give in fully to a pre-devised training plan.

The main difference between this new supplemental plan and my earlier swim video training plan is that this spreads the drills, videos and skills out over 10 weeks, and I have included specific workouts, to incorporate and expand on the drills, not just the drills by themselves. These are the key workouts in the week for the athlete, to use as they see fit.

Stay tuned for more supplemental-style training plans!

Coach Vance

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