Friday, February 13, 2009

Changes to the blog

As you can tell, the blog is evolving to much more than simple posts. I've changed the layout, added an email subscription for those who don't want to miss out but may not be able to check it all the time, and even added Twitter.

The Twitter account was started because I have realized there are so many cool opportunities I've got going on lately, before me, that to not share them with people is a disservice. Also, with my new Blackberry Storm, I will be able to upload photos and videos from my events as they happen.

My Twitter account is jimvance, so if you follow anyone on Twitter, add me in to your list, because I'll have some cool stuff to inform you about. (I can't elaborate yet, but will in the near future).

I thought the blog needed a better look, so let me know what you think.

In Chicago right now, and will be working on some cool updates to the blog soon.

Coach Vance

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