Saturday, February 7, 2009

Labels for posts

In an effort to make this blog more of resource for athletes seeking information, I went back and labeled every post and added a "Labels" gadget on the right hand side. This will allow easier reference for athletes who are looking for more specific topics.

Articles - These are articles I've written, which normally are posted on other sites, but are linked to those.
Athletes - Any post where I recognize or make reference to some of the athletes I'm coaching.
Books - References to any books I recommend.
Clinics - Any post about upcoming or past clinics I've conducted or participated in.
Coaching - Topics and posts which I would consider relevant to those coming here seeking information from a coach. (This post will be labeled under coaching.)
For sale - Anything which is for sale, and of interest to athletes.
Power - Any post which discusses power and using power meters.
Swim - Any post which discusses swimming.
Training Plans - Any post which discusses training plans I've written, or the response from athletes about them.

As you can guess, some of these will overlap, but it's a good start for those of you coming to this blog late, and wanting to find information relevant to your questions.

Coach Vance

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