Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tri Coaches Round Table - Monday, March 22nd

I will be attending a Triathlon Coaches Round Table in San Diego on Monday evening. Come out and pick my brain, as well as other local coaches. This gives athletes an opportunity to do some informal interviewing of the local coaches to find one which matches your needs and personality. If you're not interested in hiring a coach, you can still come pick our brains on questions about your training and get a group of solid opinions.

Hope to see you all there!

MONDAY, MARCH 2nd at 6:00 pm

Triathlon Coaches Round Table Lecture at Coastal Sports and Wellness

Have a question about triathlon training?

Want to find out what some of the top local triathlon coaches think about specific workouts or how they train their athletes?

We're bringing together some of San Diego's most well-know triathlon coaches for a candid round-table question and answer session at Coastal Sports and Wellness

Not just one or two coaches...

How about four of the top triathlon coaches in the area!

Sergio Borges - Ironguides Training
Mac Brown - coach of the UCSD Triathlon team and current professional triathlete
Mike Plumb - TriPower Multisports head coach and former professional duathlete and triathlete
Jim Vance - two-time World Champion triathlete and an elite coach with TrainingBible Coaching

Bring your questions and prepare to be impressed!

Want more info and reserve a spot?

Coach Vance

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