Saturday, February 14, 2009

TrainingBible Annual Meeting, more blog changes

Got up early this AM, about 4:45 Central Time, (remember, I'm still living on Pacific Time),and was working with the Multisport Madness Jr. Triathlon Team. Lots of amazing abilities, and even a few National Champions on the team. I was there for 2 hours working with 14 of the athletes on their swimming. I filmed them underwater, then did a brief session with them, 7 at a time. The session lasted an hour for each group, then we switched.

I think we made a lot of headway with them, because by the end they were critiquing their own videos based on the things I taught them to look for. Always enjoyable to help out kids. I have some big ideas for the future on that...stay tuned.

I presented this afternoon on Creating Successful Clinics to our coaching staff. It went fairly well, I thought. It really became a combination of teaching our coaches a business sense, teaching skills and coaching practices, both in clinic situations as well as within one-on-one client situations. I really enjoy teaching, especially when it comes to helping people be better athletes and coaches.

Listening to Joe Friel talk today, it's amazing how he always has something new for me to learn, when he gives a talk I've heard him do before! He gave me an autographed copy of his new Triathlete's Training Bible edition, with a cool note inside.

Another change to announce about the blog is that I have imported the blog posts from the Tri Tech Review blog. I have been slow to post to it, and after nearly a year of no posts, and a renewed focus on this blog, I felt it was smart to merge the two blogs. I do plan to continue to work on reviewing technological items in endurance sports, but will instead post them here, and label them as Tri Tech Review on the side labels list. You'll notice the imported posts from that blog are already labeled and inserted on the side. I will probably delete the old blog, and/or redirect the address to here, but not sure yet.

More to come in the coming days of next week alone!...Just a hint of the schedule for you:

- Photo shoot for one of my clients to be the cover girl for the April issue of Competitor Magazine. Why is she on the cover? Because she's a celebrity...I'll let you know more soon.
- Going into the Low Speed Wind Tunnel in San Diego! Photos, videos and more cool stuff that I will post on here.
- Annoucing at Tritonman Triathlon, always a good time!
- Swim Clinic following the event for a group of collegiate athletes.
- Tour of California coming to San Diego for the major Palomar Mountain stage!
- Heading to Colorado Springs to the Olympic Training Center!

And hopefully even more cool stuff to announce soon. Like I said before about getting a twitter account, too much cool stuff going on, not to share with everyone would be horrible!

Coach Vance

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