Monday, February 23, 2009

Colorado Springs OTC

I'm writing this post from my dorm room here at the OTC. I arrived into Colorado Springs last night, after watching the Tour of California, and stayed with a client of mine here in town. This morning I was up early and reported to the center, and was sitting in a class session most of the day.

It's just three of us coaches, and our instructor, Justin Trolle, (pronounced tro-lay). Today was spent discussing mostly planning and periodization in the AM. In the afternoon we used some cool software programs to analyze swim, bike and run videos of athletes, and discussing the ITU points systems for the upcoming year.

Tomorrow we will be headed out to Boulder to conduct some field tests on some athletes, and learn about some various tests, and how to conduct them. We'll also be hitting a swim session in the early AM, learning from the coaching staff on deck. Later on, we'll go to the lab and work with some of the exercise physiologists and learn from them.

A lot going on. I'm slammed with work to get done as well. Not sure how many updates outside of Twitter I can get done before I leave here, but I'll do my best.

Coach Vance

PS - Was given a book by Justin this afternoon, and I read it tonight, part of the reason I'm so damn busy...reading instead of doing work! It's a short triathlon-coaching book by Dr. John Hellemans, a famous New Zealand triathlon coach. Good read!

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